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Scent Marketing

Combining both academic and market research Aroma360 teaches businesses across an array of industries how to capitalize from scent marketing and branding strategies.

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Humans can remember:

1% of What we touch,
2% of what we hear

5% of what we see
15% of what we taste


(Study carried out at Rockfeller University, 2010)

What impact Does

Scent Marketing Have on Businesses?

  • Increase

  • Enhance
    Perceived Value

  • Heighten
    Customer Experience

  • Improve
    Brand Loyalty

“Scents have the ability to influence perception, emotions, behavior and even buying decisions. ”

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Farah Abassi Author, Aromachologist, and Founder of Aroma360
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Scent Marketing Science

Utilizing the Science of Smell to Influence Customer Behavior

For several years, various industries have been utilizing the science of smell and scent marketing to their advantage. By playing an essential rol in forming perceptions and creating a positive experience, businesses can utilize scent to help customers formulate a deeper connection to their product or service while subtly influencing their purchasing decisions.


A study done by Nike discovered that they could increase the intent to purchase by 84% through the introduction of scent into their stores.


Sony stores are scented with a mandarin orange vanilla blend designed to put female shoppers at ease while purchasing electronics.

Scent Branding

Reinforcing Brand Identity Through the Power of Scent

The connection between our sense of smell and our emotions is a powerful tool that can be leveraged in business to heighten brand image and increase brand loyalty. Since smell is the sense most linked to our emotional recollection it can create instant connections between a brand and its customers.

A&F scent “Fierce” is strong and edgy which they use to their advantage to market to their young upscale customers.

Delta’s scent “Calm” is their signature scent that they use not only to promote brand loyalty but to keep their passengers in a calm and relaxed state of mind while traveling.


Consumers use scents unconsciously to make buying decisions.
Businesses use it consciously to create profits.

While the growing trend in scent marketing can be used to benefit almost any industry, here are some of the top industries that our clients represent who have benefited from our Scent Marketing and Branding strategies.

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Client Spotlight

Luxury Living has a history based around meticulous craftsmanship, impeccable design, timeless sophistication and unparalleled luxury. They represent some of the most iconic names in the design world from Fendi Casa, Bentley Home, Trussardi, Bugatti home, just to name a few.

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Part of Luxury Living's success can be attributed to their appreciation and commitment to the overall sensory experience of a space. When the executive team decided to incorporate scent into the "showroom experience”, they interviewed many scenting companies before deciding to partner with Miami-based sensory branding experts, Aroma360. The decision to incorporate scent was made for many reasons. Enhancing the customer experience, strengthening the Luxury Living brand and the increased linger time and perceived value attributed to retail scenting were all reasons for developing a scent marketing strategy.
The goal was for Aroma360's scent designer, Farah Abassi, to develop a fragrance that captures the elegance, luxury and refinement of the Luxury Living experience. The scent had to allude to timelessness of the brand and the strong Italian roots. The scent is to be incorporated across all Luxury Living's international showrooms to create a cohesive brand experience. After two months of Abassi working with the Milan-based executive team and tireless research and development, the Luxury Living fragrance was born. The scent starts with the luxurious aroma of black pepper and cedar wood and melts down to seductive notes of jasmine and sandalwood. The ever so slight hint of patchouli and vanilla brings an element of softness and elegance to this sophisticated scent.
Since integrating the scent, the feedback across all the locations has been overwhelming. Customers and clients have fallen in love with the scent and it has heightened the overall brand experience. The plan over the next twelve months is for Aroma360 to develop a complimentary line of Luxury Living branded retail products that incorporate the scent.