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Our line of Commercial Scent Machines is flexible and can be used to scent spaces of any size, from a small room to an entire building. With state of the art technology and low-maintenance features this allows our clients the benefits of scenting their commercial spaces without having to worry about the upkeep..


vangogh diffuser inside vangogh diffuser inside

Cold Air Diffusion Technology

4 Unique Settings

Internal Timer

Security Locks

Easy Installation

HVAC Compatible

Wall Mountable*

Up to 1 yr of Fragrance Capacity*


Powerful and Efficient

Powerful and Efficient


The Future of Scenting

Resourcefully cover multiple areas without the use of residue-creating, unnatural substances and sprays. Scent every square inch of space with ease and efficiency using the HVAC system connection.

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Scenting Made Easy

Scenting Made Easy


Our Most Flexible unit yet

Combine the ease, convenience, and portability of a stand-alone unit with the power, quality, and consistency of HVAC scenting.

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Portable and Versatile

Portable and


Small But Powerful

The DaVinci360 brings even and consistent scenting to the smaller areas of your business or home.

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Our Clients

Benefits of
HVAC Scenting

Diffusing scent through a central heating and cooling system has never been easier.

  • HVAC systems provide even and efficient scenting throughout large spaces
  • Silent, discreet and residue free
  • Little-to-no maintenance required, units are
  • Pre-set in our warehouse to your specific needs
  • Cold-air diffusion technology
  • Easy-to-use digital timer that allows for settings to be adjusted at anytime
  • Larger bottle sizes are available on request for longer scenting and even less maintenance

Why Choose Aroma360?

  • Advanced Technology
  • Healthy Scenting Solutions
  • Custom Scent Development
  • Exceptional Customer Service
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