Our Story

The benefits and applications of scent are overwhelming. The foundation of Aroma360 is built on two primary principles. The first is to provide a healthy scenting solution for homes and businesses. Through the incorporation of essential oils, we strive to not only create aromatic sanctuaries but to preserve the naturally occurring therapeutic properties of essential oils to benefit all.

The second goal is to educate people about the incredible benefits of Aromachology. Aromachology is the study of how scent can impact us on an emotional level. Scent can trigger powerful memories and can influence mood, emotions and behavior. Whether it be incorporating a scent to stimulate sales, enhance perceived value or to increase feelings of trust and calmness – scent is a powerful tool that is widely underused. Aroma360’s goal is to educate people about the benefits of scenting and provide the tools for incorporating it into their businesses and home life.

“ The research and knowledge base about scent is in its infancy so the future of this industry is very exciting. We look forward to growing and evolving by finding innovative ways to use and incorporate scent into all aspects of life and business ”

-Farah Abassi-

Founder, President of Aroma360

Farah Abassi has been working with scent for over 17 years. Her knowledge and passion for healthy scenting solutions inspired her to start Aroma360 which has quickly become the leading force in the scent marketing industry.

Abassi’s specialty is enhancing the overall brand and customer experience through scent branding and marketing strategies. She has hundreds of clients that span over 22 countries. Abassi has designed over 90 signature scents and a full range of scent delivery systems. Some of the brands she has worked with include Lexus, Marriott’s, Four Seasons, and Ferrari. She has designed custom scents for hotels such as the Borgata Hotel and Casino, the Atlantis Hotel in Paradise Island and spas like the Bellagio Las Vegas, the Montage Beverly Hills, Disney Senses Spas, Ritz Carlton, Biltmore and many more.

Her network is extensive and client list also includes influencers such as Gabrielle Union, Larsa Pippen, David Grutman, and Lisa Hochstein just to name a few.

When developing a scent marketing strategy or a signature scent, Abassi uses the principles of Aromachology to analyze how certain scents will influence potential customers. Abassi’s scents are designed evoke specific emotions and encourage desirable behavior that is consistent with the brand message and the company’s overall business goals.