Retail Industry

With innumerable competition, including online shopping which allows customers to shop from the comforts of home, retail stores need a marketing edge now more than ever.

Successful conglomerates like Nike, Sony, and Apple however, are finding creative ways around this problem by dispersing specific, strategically formulated scents throughout their stores, and have even found ways of incorporating their scent into their products and packaging.

Turn Scents into Cents

To be successful in retail, positive customer experience is key. Scenting can go a long way in reaching that customer before they even encounter anything else within the business. A unique, pleasant scent can tie together decor, style and mood elements to form the type of atmosphere while carefully chosen ingredients can influence the customer’s intent to purchase.
Whether you’re dealing with tangible goods or consumable products, scenting can help increase your customers linger time by 20%. Choosing a scent that best represent your brand and its products can further tailor this result by increasing sales as well as perceived quality of your products.

Discover Aroma360

Most brands who employ ambient scenting in their retail establishments have been very happy with the success it has brought. When the right scent marketing strategy is deployed in retail stores a higher level of brand loyalty and increase in sales are just a few of the impacts it can have.

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