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The average person is exposed to anywhere from 4,000-10,000 advertisements per day. People simply cannot absorb that much stimulation, and the auditory and visual bombardment causes consumers to become desensitized to certain types of advertising.

The importance of scenting is catching on as business owners are tapping into the emotional response scents have on people, and profiting from the power scents have on influencing consumers buying decisions. Combining both academic and market research Aroma360 teaches businesses across an array of industries how to capitalize from scent marketing and branding strategies.

Aroma360 is very proud to have been selected as the official scenting company for The Atlantis Hotel and Casino on Paradise Island in the Bahamas. The Atlantis is regarded as the crown jewel of the Bahamas, and by far the most elegant and well-known resort on the Island. Aroma360’s Aromachologist Farah Abassi created their signature scent "Skyfall" which is a smooth, luxurious scent. The scent was playfully named "Skyfall" to pay homage to the James Bond film "Thunderball" that was filmed at the resort. Check out Skyfall and all our other signature scents HERE.

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