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5 Scents to Set the Mood

January 12 2016

Ever since the times of the ancient Egyptians, aromatic oils have been used to promote health, beauty, fertility, virility and of course, romance. The Greeks and other cultures learned from the Egyptians exactly how to use aromatic oils to increase passion, and this expertise quickly spread across the world. Aromachology is the study of the influence of scent on mood and behavior and it has been shown that certain scents have aphrodisiac properties and are able to stimulate arousal.

Aroma360’s True Romance collection is designed to use the power of scent to “set the mood”.

1. Sandalwood
Woody scent that hails from the Orient, is used extensively in expensive perfumes and colognes.
Used to treat impotence and help relieve anxiety, so this is a perfect scent to use around your man. Sandalwood also smells very similar to small quantities of androsterone, a chemical similar to testosterone -- which means that it sends out very subtle, but effective, erotic signals to the opposite sex.

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2. Rose

Think of romance and most people think of roses! In ancient times, this aphrodisiac oil was used to cure impotence, sexual frigidness and emotional dissatisfaction. Rose oils cause arousal, relaxation, spiritual uplifting and brain stimulation.

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3. Jasmine

Jasmine is a sweet, floral smell, but is also exotic. This aphrodisiac has been used by women in India for hundreds of years as a tool of enticement toward their husbands. Jasmine fragrance also boosts libido, self-esteem and sexual interest.

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4. Vanilla

Vanilla is the perfect balance between warm, sexy, erotic, sweet and innocent. It has a euphoric effect. The scent of vanilla had been shown to induce trust which can strengthen feeling of intimacy. It has been shown to have a positive effect on both men and women.

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5. Patchouli

Patchouli is a sweet, warm woodsy scent. It calms anxiety, lifts the spirits, stimulates the nervous system, and attracts sexual love. It was used to treat frigidity as well as an anointing oil in ancient Tantric sexual practices. It has been shown to stabilize libido levels by balancing the endocrine glands

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