Scenting the Scene

Strolling past a bake shop, swirls of deliciously decadent scents fill the air and guide your nose toward fresh baked goodness. A cloud approaches and soft droplets of rain wash over you as the cleansing scent of nature engulfs your mind, leaving you in a state of serenity. With every step we take, scent plays a major role in the way the senses control our world. Learn to harness that power for use in your business with Aroma 360.

The Science Behind It

The importance of scenting is catching on as business owners are tapping into the emotion of a pleasant scent. Combining both academic and market research, there is evidence that experiencing an aroma has a lasting feeling of enjoyment. Studies show that customers will stay up to 44% longer when surrounded by the essence of an enticing aroma.


Common stress-inducing locations including doctors' offices, legal practices, car dealerships can quickly set off the fight-or-flight instinct in any fearful human. By filling the air with welcoming scents used to ease the nerves and relax the body, Aroma 360 can help your customers feel inclined to continue visiting your location. Similarly, places of enjoyment and entertainment using Aroma 360 can increase customer retention by using an aroma that stimulates the senses and excites the mind so that visitors look forward to visiting time and time again


For today's travelers, hotels and resorts are a large part of the journey itself. From the moment guests are greeted by door staff, they want to feel special and important. Guests become accustomed to a level of service and attention and look forward to it with each stay. Aroma 360 can help you achieve-and increase- that level of satisfaction.

Tap into your guests’ inner emotions with Aroma 360 scents that will produce feelings of comfort and belonging as they are welcomed by alluring aromas. As an astute hotelier, you've crafted a floor design consisting of decor and details that create an ambiance to complement your brand. Imagine a tool that can allow you to create a truly lasting impression-one that remains vivid long after the story is over. Aroma 360 diffusers can help create a truly powerful connection with your guests.

Discover Aroma 360 scent solutions for every area, from the lobby to the penthouse


Since aromatherapy is proven to play a significant role in the treatment of pain, mood, sleep disorders and improvement of cognitive function, it is no wonder the Spa Industry is a perfect fit for essential oils and the power that these natural scents wield. The use of 100% pure natural essential oils is a holistic, natural way to treat many ailments. Spas and wellness centers are the perfect vehicle to deliver these benefits.

Beyond the obvious therapeutic qualities of using essential oils-- Spa’s benefit from scenting by influencing emotions and increasing enjoyment, eliminating bad odors organically, and by overall improving the customer’s experience which in turn increase repeat bookings.

Fitness & Wellness Centers

Today's gym has evolved into more than just a place to get fit, strong and healthy. For many members it has become a lifestyle and a home away from home that nurtures confidence, happiness and wellbeing. Friendly, experienced staff, dedicated personal trainers, state-of-the-art equipment and tailored exercise programs that were once a differentiator, are now the benchmark. Scenting with Aroma 360 can give you the edge over the competition.

Scenting creates a mood to suit any environment. Whether that aim is to relax and rejuvenate or inspire and reenergize, Aroma 360 can get you there. Newcomers will be at ease in unfamiliar environments and explore new sections of the gym while massage areas can be transformed into far off getaways all through scent. Utilize the latest technologies so that your clients not only get more out of each workout but also get a healthier place to retreat each day with the help of Aroma 360.

Strengthen your brand and image with a unique, Aroma 360 signature scent made for your fitness business.

Homes & Real Estate

Imagine the day when you can walk into your home and have the stress of the day lifted off your shoulders in a single moment. You are embraced with a sense of comfort and calm as your muscles relax, your mind clears, and your breathing deepens. Thanks to Aroma 360, that day is today. One third of our day is spent in the home, that time should be made as relaxing and rejuvenating as possible. With so much time and effort being spent on creating the right ambiance in your home using design and decoration, it’s time to complete your decor with the invigorating scents of Aroma 360.

Our wide range of aromas offer solutions for homes of all shapes and sizes and go beyond what your everyday aroma can do. Help keep your home sanitary with the antibacterial properties of Aroma 360 essential oils that purify the air to optimize your health. Our Lemon Burst oil has been shown to calm anxiety and relieve depression. The Lavender Fields oil improves sleep and calms the nervous system. Orange Blossom oils refresh and relax the body after a long day.

Make your home even more welcoming as you create a lasting impression for your guests with Aroma 360.


A happy worker is a hard worker. Create the kind of environment that encourages your employees to work hard while enjoying their surroundings. In addition to a pleasant scent, Aroma 360 offers a number of extra perks. Provide air quality that is free from harmful pollutants and odors in a working space that can easily become the breeding grounds for common colds and coughs. This is crucial to the health, safety and wellbeing of your staff. Not only can scenting a commercial office assist in alleviating these problems, it can also create a more pleasant feel, efficient workforce and reduce stress.

Research shows people working in scented areas demonstrate better self-sufficiency and are more likely to adopt productive work strategies. Studies have shown error rates in typing significantly reduced when operators were exposed to lemon and lavender fragrance and an increased performance in speed and accuracy when scents such as peppermint were administered.

Upgrade your workplace environment with invigorating scents from Aroma 360 and improve overall productivity.

Retail stores

As a retailer it is important to understand the importance of good customer service and how that is achieved through the in-store experience. Your store layout optimizes product presentation, the color and style of your decor complements your brand as it works in combination with in-store lighting and audio. While these areas of your customer’s senses are already engaged, imagine being able to enhance your brand on all sensory levels. Imagine if you could continue connecting with customers long after you've closed your doors. You can, through the use of scent.

Aroma 360 is the ideal solution for retail outlets as our diverse product range ensures you will have the perfect unit to fit your space. Our scent delivery systems also apply flat-line diffusion, which guarantees a constant level of scent regardless of the quantity of fragrance left in the cartridge compared to other scent methods on the market. Retailers are seeing positive results with customers lingering longer in retail stores and also relating their sense of smell back to that store once they have left. Improve your retail location space with the scent solutions available from Aroma 360.

Medical and Dental Offices

The medical industry has a responsibility to ensure patients feel comfortable and at ease. This is definitely easier said than done as many patients quickly become anxious or stressed at the mere thought of a dentist checkup or doctor's visit. The harsh, sterile smells of detergents in doctor's clinics and hospital waiting rooms often contribute to the unpleasant feeling of angst as they could quickly trigger memories of pain or fear. Aroma 360 scent diffusers are the perfect machine for care facilities to fill the air with soothing scents that can create a comfortable environment in an otherwise uncomfortable situation. Diffuse different fragrances at different times using Aroma 360 to create your own scenting schedule with adjustable strength, duration, stop and start time depending on the flow of your business and amount of patients in your practice.

Create a welcoming feeling in your medical practice with aromas from Aroma 360 that appeal to the senses and make your patients actually enjoy seeing the doctor.

Food and Beverage

Stimulating the sense of smell to increase the likelihood of a purchase is nothing new for those in the food industry. Bakers and patisseries have been using these techniques for many years. They understand that smell amplifies taste and that the use of these smells can attract an otherwise reluctant customer. Studies have shown that the sense of smell is the most powerful stimulus known as it often provokes a strong emotional response that can quickly lead to spending on impulse. Using food aroma's to entice customers is not always possible. Packaged, canned or refrigerated food cannot be smelled so scenting by Aroma 360 can be introduced to resemble the food to complete the experience.

Grocery stores are also applying these techniques as modern refrigeration has eliminated the aromas that in the past let customers know that their produce was ripe and bread was fresh. While these advances helped greatly in promoting health and reducing spoilage, they also eliminated the wonderful smells that tantalized shoppers' palates and assured them of good quality.

Increase your businesses delicious selling potential by incorporating Aroma 360 scenting into your marketing plans.

How You Too Can Scent Your Business

How can you use Aroma 360 scents to improve your business’s ambiance? Pair scents that speak to your branding efforts to create a more complete look and feel within your establishment. Consider the emotions you want your customers to feel and how that ties in to your product or service. With the uninhibited nature of Aroma 360 scents, you too can take your customers on a ride through a sensory experience.