Food and Beverage

Stimulating the sense of smell to increase the likelihood of a purchase is nothing new for those in the food industry. Bakers and patisseries have been using these techniques for many years. They understand that smell amplifies taste and that the use of these smells can attract an otherwise reluctant customer. Studies have shown that the sense of smell is the most powerful stimulus known as it often provokes a strong emotional response that can quickly lead to spending on impulse. Using food aroma's to entice customers is not always possible. Packaged, canned or refrigerated food cannot be smelled so scenting by Aroma 360 can be introduced to resemble the food to complete the experience.

Grocery stores are also applying these techniques as modern refrigeration has eliminated the aromas that in the past let customers know that their produce was ripe and bread was fresh. While these advances helped greatly in promoting health and reducing spoilage, they also eliminated the wonderful smells that tantalized shoppers' palates and assured them of good quality.

Increase your businesses delicious selling potential by incorporating Aroma 360 scenting into your marketing plans.

Case Studies

The M & M shop in London has no baking done on the premises where they sell their pre-packaged products. Yet the scent of chocolate is in the air at all times. Artificial chocolate, that is.