Casinos and Entertainment Venues

Leading entertainment venues, casinos, bars and nightclubs desire to forge an engaging environment and add to the overall experience of their visitors and guests. This is a tough task when those venues are constantly under attack from the undesirable smells of cigarette smoke, body odors, and food and drink.

Scenting these venues with 100% pure essential oils has the benefit of not just masking bad odors, but eliminating them. Essential oils also have the added benefit of possessing anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties, making these public spaces healthier for the patrons who frequent them.

When scenting entertainment venues it is imperative to take into consideration the size of the space that needs to be scented. Commercial air fresheners are not suitable (or effective) in these large venues. Scenting with essential oils through the HVAC System is a cost effective, hygienic solution to eliminating offensive odors. Scenting is becoming another sensory marketing tool that can enhance a venue by taking into account the space’s lighting, architecture, décor, and visual and auditory feel.

Case Studies

In a study done in a major casino in Las Vegas, besides eliminating the strong stench from cigarette smoke and body odor, revenues increased by 48% with the introduction of a blend of citrus scents. Most major casinos in both Las Vegas and Atlantic City use ambient scenting, to help maintain a clean, neutralized environment