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What is an Essential Oil?

October 05 2017

Essential Oils by Aroma360

We get so many questions about what exactly is an essential oil so we thought it would be great to explain. An essential oil is a volatile liquid that is extracted through the process of distillation from the seed, root, bark, stem, leaf, fruit, flower, resin or wood of a plant. In literal terms, essentials oils are the ultra-concentrated essence of that plant. Once extracted, these oils can then be used for inhalation, ingestion, absorption and for creating all kinds of products. These oils have a lot of health benefits. The are delicate so they should never be heated.

Using them with a cold air diffuser will provide the best results!!

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Vinod arora
September 21, 2019

Thank you for a clear and precise definition of essential oil. My wife has arthritic or muscular pain in some joints. Though she is overweight . What essential oil of mixture would be helpful

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