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Why You Should Scent Your Brand

July 06 2018

We are in a new era of branding, one that seeks to stand out from the pack. This requires innovative and creative measures. Brands need to create a personal sensory experience across a comprehensive range of consumer touch points. This “experiential” branding seeks to touch the consumer need, striving to create a sensory emotive experience rather than only communicate a brand identity. Brands have to create experiences for the customer that form the story of the brand-customer relationship.

The power of smell can create a positive emotional bond between the brand and the customer, creating a preferential advantage. Humans remember 35% of what they smell, compared to 5% of what they see. Using scent to disrupt the auditory and visual overload is the next step in telling the brand story. Because scent and emotions are so intricate intertwined, your customers will associate their experience with your brand to that scent. Aroma360® has assisted companies around the world in defining their brands signature scent and enhancing their customers experiences.

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