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What Does Your Brand Smell Like?

March 15 2018

Business owners across the world are using scent to break through the auditory and visual overload to reach their customers. Humans remember 35% of what they smell, compared to 5% of what they see, so having a brand scent is clearly a no-brainer. A custom scent helps your clients remember you easier and because scent and emotions are so closely linked, your clients will always associate their experience with your brand to that scent. Providing touchpoints like candles and mists that clients can take home allow you to continue making a significant impression. Restaurants, hotels, car dealerships, property managers and everyone in between are using scent to influence their bottom line. Aroma360® has assisted numerous clients from Canada to Belize in creating a long-lasting brand scent that has increased their clientele experiences. Speak to one of our dedicated and experienced consultants TODAY to find your perfect scenting solution.

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