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What aroma best fits your home decor?

August 07 2019

What aroma best fits your home decor? 

There’s a scent for every style  

One of the most important factors to consider when choosing a scent for the home (besides scenting benefits!) is the style of the space. Beyond the decor, the style of your home includes lighting, fabrics, texture, paint color and art.  

Here are our top scent suggestions based on your style. If your home is… 


Sleek and minimalistic

White, open spaces call for a light and airy ambiance. If your home has that Scandinavian vibe with clean lines and minimalist furniture, pick fresh, citrus-based scents to keep things cool and flowy. Our pick: Lust for Life 

Industrial and modern 

Finished concrete, high ceilings and exposed brick - the perfect balance of sexy and sophisticated. But so much openness can make your home feel cold and uninviting. Bring some cozy vibes to your space with the warmth of jasmine-based blends. Our pick: Allure 

Rustic and antique

Classic decor never goes out of style. If antique furniture, worldly prints and dark textiles describe your home, layer on warm and alluring scents like sandalwood, nutmeg and vanilla. Our pick: Midnight in Paris

Bold and colorful 

Neutrals are nice, but there’s nothing quite like a room that’s bursting with color. For a home that pops with patterns and prints, skip the subtle scents and opt for full-bodied fragrances that add some pizzazz to your space: bright and fruity with a zing! Our pick: Champagne Supernova 

Floral and fancy

Floral patterns call for flowery scents. If tufting, velvet and elegant furniture define your space, we recommend fancying up the place with fresh aromatics like rose, lavender and lily. Our pick: Purple Rain 


But don’t just take our word for it. Show us your home’s style and we’ll reveal the scent that matches your space.  

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