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Three Reasons to Ditch Your Scent Cartridge

February 20 2018

With the essential oil and diffusing trend on the rise, more people are looking for ways to join in. One of the many ways people have begun diffusing and scenting is with scent cartridges. Many scenting companies offer these cartridges along with their diffusers. Scent cartridges offer an inexpensive yet unfavorable option. Here are few reasons to ditch your scent cartridge:

  1. The fragrances are synthetic and artificial. Scent cartridges are often created from synthetic fragrances and essential oils. Companies will use synthetic chemicals derived from petroleum to recreate the scent of a natural plant. Essential oils are normally extracted directly from a specific plant and can be very helpful with aromatherapy and holistic needs. However, scent cartridges blended with synthetic ingredients may cause adverse effects for the consumer. Some reports have even shown people having allergic reactions.
  2. The scent doesn’t last. Although, these synthetic fragrances tend to have a stronger odor their lifespan is minimal. If you have ever used a scent cartridge then you know the fragrance is only noticeable for a few days and afterward, you’re struggling to catch a whiff – a common issue with this mode of scenting. Cartridges can be inexpensive in the short term, but they may cost you far more over the course of your usage. You’ll end up purchasing cartridges more often to keep up.
  3. Quality is everything. Quality scenting solutions will not provide you with a better-scented space but also with a safe, more consistent scenting. Scent cartridges typically do not carry the richness that real essential oils have because they were created to replicate the real scent. It is a simple matter of with the real thing rather than an imitation. If you’re a business owner using cartridges, then know that your clients and customer can certainly tell. Scenting with an inferior product may not only be harmful but, may cost you loyal clients.


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