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Technology in the Scenting Industry

February 26 2018

Aromatherapy has been around for centuries, but with its effects gaining popularity and media attention, we’re seeing a rise in trends and products.  
Outlined below are some of the technologies and methods that have become popular in the scenting industry:  
  • Cold-Air Diffusion: This new and innovative technology breaks down oils into a dry mist of nanoparticles, through the use of cold, filtered air. The dry fragrance mist is then released through the HVAC ducts to evenly distribute a scent to the desired areas of a space. It’s the safest and cleanest way to diffuse oils.
  • HVAC Scenting: The diffusing of scent through a central heating and cooling system; this method is discreet, ultra-quiet, powerful and delivers consistent scent throughout large spaces. This system is often used in hotels, restaurants, museums, as well as private homes.
  • Smart Home Scenting: With advancements in technology and smartphones, we’re seeing a rise in systems that make it easy to enjoy the effects of aromatherapy at the touch of a button. Control scenting schedule, scent and intensity through a mobile app or even voice commands via Alexa and Google Home! We’re also seeing some brands offer fully integrated systems, equipped with a 3-in-1 air quality monitor, purifier and diffuser.
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