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May 23 2018

It’s not news that casinos and hotels use some ambient scenting to enhance the guest experience. In casinos, scent can mask the smell of smoke or stale carpet, but carefully chosen scents can do more than that – they can make people want to stay in that space for a longer period of time, which makes them participate in a casino’s activities, restaurant, and entertainment options longer. In hotels, a scent can be chosen to create an increased perception of quality. Now, brands of all kinds are seeing that they can employ the same tactics and reap the benefits of scent marketing.

Brands who are looking to influence their clientele are shocked by the simplicity of the science, process, and execution. Aroma360® scent consultants take the time to consider multiple factors when creating scent concepts for clients. Scent Consultants inquire about the brand’s goals, identity, imagery, personality, target market demographics, geographic footprint, architecture, and more to personalize the scent solution. Learn more about what scent marketing can do for your business – speak to one of our Scent Consultants today!

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