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Sweet Jasmine – The Romantic Mood Booster

April 12 2018

The sweet and romantic scent of jasmine isn’t unfamiliar to anyone. The delicate flower can be distilled into an oil with amazing benefits that go beyond just smelling lovely.

The scent of jasmine essential oil has an enchanting and reviving effect on the brain and can reduce, and sometimes completely alleviate, symptoms of depression. Jasmine tends to awaken poetic feelings in the mind, making it an aphrodisiac as well. The aromatic effect of jasmine releases serotonin, the feel-good hormone, from the brain making it a perfect fragrance for weddings and even first dates.

Turn your day around with any one of our jasmine oil blended oils - from the lightly sweet and floral Melia Hotel designed scent, Allure to our earthy and warm scent Secrets.

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