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Scented Stocking Stuffers... Yes, It’s A Thing

December 21 2020


Fill your stockings to the brim with scented products from Aroma360. Since everyone loves light and bright scents, you can add a special touch with these fragrant gifts. Small enough to fit in a stocking, or under the tree, these are the perfect sensory treats for friends, family, gift exchanges and co-workers.


Express Room Spray Set

Mix and match your favorite scents with our Express Spray Set, highlighting our top five bestsellers: Black Velvet, My Way, 24K Magic, Midnight in Paris and Dream On. Pocket-sized and elegantly housed in a glossy black miniature spray bottle, you can bring your favorite scents with you, wherever you go. It’s also a great way to experience our collection on a smaller scale.


Room Sprays

Or select the Room Spray of your choice. We have picked our 10 most popular scents for these mini bottles, which can instantly transform any space with a quick spritz. The entire collection spans Black Velvet, My Way, 24K Magic, Midnight in Paris, Dream On, California Love, Mystify, Desert Rose, November Rain and Skyfall. Enjoy 120mL of scenting, perfect for small spaces. Throw it in your bag and you can spritz all over town.


Fragrance Oils

Once you start diffusing with Aroma360 you will fall in love with the endless scenting options. It’s incredibly easy to change out your Fragrance Oil, especially with the Mini360. There’s a scent for every mood, from floral and spicy to sweet and zesty. Whether you want to create a romantic ambiance or an uplifting vibe, we’ve got you covered. Our Fragrance Oils come in three sizes, so you can enjoy new and unique scents for our all of our plug-in diffusers.



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