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June 23 2020

Aroma360 Scent Machines:

Mini360 SL


The sleek Mini360 might be small in size but it’s big on diffusing power. Our most compact machine can diffuse fragrance throughout a 400 sq. ft. room. This makes it great for any room in your home or a conference room in your office. You can even take it along with you since it’s portable and lightweight.

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The innovative design of the DaVinci360 lives up to the genius it’s named after. Imagine having the power of a commercial-grade machine in a compact machine that evenly spreads fragrance throughout an 800sq.ft. area. It’s even capable of diffusing scents in large open spaces through its built-in fan. This makes the DaVinci360 best for retail shops, small offices, or big living rooms.

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Whether you want a stand-alone unit or an HVAC assembly, the VanGogh360 gives you the versatility to choose either. It can be placed in a discreet corner, mounted on the wall, or connected to your HVAC system. It comes with a built-in fan that aids in diffusing scents throughout an area of 1,800 sq.ft.

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Museum 360


The Museum 360 is a reliable scent machine that can be installed to work with your HVAC system. It can effectively cover up to 6,000 sq ft of multiple areas in your entire home, office building, or mall wing. Its advanced features also enable you to schedule scenting times and preset concentration levels for the right amount of fragrance you need. 

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About Aroma360’s Scent Machines

Aroma360’s scent machines use cold air diffusion technology to provide consistent scenting throughout any area. This technology enables a more efficient way of dispersing scents throughout rooms and other areas. Instead of using heat or water, cold air diffusion technology combines cold filtered air with pressure to diffuse oils into nano-sized dry mists evenly across a room. This ensures that the therapeutic properties of essential oils are preserved and that fragrances last longer. This also means no oil residue on your furniture, office equipment, or in the ducts.


These machines can be pre-programmed to control how much oil is released and what time it should be diffused. Compared to reed diffusers and those that use heat, scent machines more efficiently scent your home or business.


The type and size of the scent machine you need depends on where you’ll be using it. For bedrooms or small office spaces for example, a small standalone unit might suffice. Bigger units that can be installed to work with your HVAC system are ideal for scenting your entire home or office building. Whatever size you need, Aroma360 has a scent machine that’s just right.  


Aroma360’s Scented Oil For The Scent Machines

Aroma360 has a well-curated scent library with fragrances formulated only from
scented oil
the highest quality essential oils. Whether you want a relaxing scent for your bedroom or an invigorating aroma for your office, there is an Aroma360 fragrance that’s perfect for you. You can also have your own unique scent formulated. We can also work closely with you to make sure that we develop a signature scent for your brand. These scents can work with all of our scent machines. 





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