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July 20 2017

Every day we get a TON of inquiries about HVAC scenting and how it works so we thought it would be a great idea to share some details.

Diffusing scent through a central cooling system has never been easier. Aroma360 utilizes an innovative technology called Cold-Air Diffusion, which atomizes the oils into a dry mist. This dry fragrance mist is released into the HVAC duct work sending a consistent and even scent to the desired areas. Installation is simple and the units are preset in our warehouse to your specific needs.

Once installed, little-to-no maintenance is required and the easy-to-use digital timer allows for total control of the settings and scent intensity.

The VanGogh360 and the Museum360 are the two units that work in conjunction with the HVAC system. Call us today to learn more. 561-206-0053

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