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The Best Home Scents

June 22 2020

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Fragrances are indispensable interior accessories, bringing personal and aesthetic touches to your home. It is a simple way of adding depth and character to your living space. At the same time, diffusing subtle, soothing fragrances is an effective way of calming and relaxing the mind and body. 


Aroma360 has a myriad of scents to create a luxurious home atmosphere, some of which are inspired from posh hotel fragrances. Only the highest quality essential oil blends were used to produce these scents.  


Best Fragrances for the Home 

Make your home feel inviting by spritzing subtle alluring scents from Aroma360’s Home Sweet Home collection. All of the scents can be used with our HVAC and stand-alone scent diffusers, which convert your essential oil blends into a micro-mist. This allows them to carry all the therapeutic properties of your favorite oils. 


Come home to a relaxing and rejuvenating space, filled with the fragrances of powerful antioxidants and anti-aging green tea elements. Delicate floral notes of jasmine, geranium, and lily of the valley offer a sensory treat, melting your stress away. The scent of lemon flower rounds out this blend of fragrances, giving you an uplifting experience. 


A blend of bamboo and white ginger, Champagne Supernova gives smooth and very satisfying aromas that transport you to the jungle. Subtle hints of jasmine petals, combined with notes of vetiver and soft musk, complete this crisp blend of aromas. 




Designed for the Hyatt Ziva Hotel in Cancun, Mexico, Little White Lies is a light, sweet, and aromatic blend of white tea, thyme, and citrus. A tinge of soft white lychee, geranium, and iris completes this delightful fragrance.  




Make your home smell like a luxurious hotel with My Way, a warm, aromatic blend of sandalwood, Virginia Cedar, and iris, inspired by the signature scent of The 1 Hotel from Miami Beach. It is, by far, Aroma360’s most luxurious scent. Aside from the essential oil blend, you can get the My Way scent as a candle as well as a reed diffuser.  


Inspired by Marriott’s Attune scent, November Rain is a bright, uplifting blend of citrus scents and grapefruit. The fruity scent of red currant is enveloped with slight floral hints of jasmine and rose. A warm, woody scent of Cedarwood gives off a soothing aroma before settling down to a white musk base. The November Rain scent is also available as a candle and a reed for diffusing.  


Bring the scent of the beach to your home with Ocean Eyes, a fragrant blend of herbaceous sage and crushed cardamom. Australian sandalwood is balanced with fresh notes of bergamot. Ocean Eyes evokes the scent of the beach on a warm day, making your home feel and smell like an endless summer escape. 


The vibrant fruity fragrance takes you back to fond memories by the sea. This blend of cucumber, melon, and vetiver is reminiscent of summer all-year round, making it a refreshing escape from the stresses of everyday life. Hints of lavender, sandalwood, and cedarwood give it a relaxing aroma. 


There are only a few of Aroma360’s scents in the home collection. Whether you want to fill the entire home or a single area with your favorite scents, Aroma360 scent diffusers can offer the most consistent scenting experience.  


Visit to learn more about our essential oil blends and scent diffusers. Browse our candle and reed scenting solutions if you’re more interested in them. 

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August 05, 2020

What is the scent in t he hallway entrance to empire in Columbia is sc. We would love to purchase this.

July 23, 2020

What is the fragrance that is in common areas of Margarittaville in Gatlinburg TN? Is it for sale to the public?

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