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Best Scented Candles for Home

May 14 2020

It stimulates the senses, awakens fond memories, and lifts a somber mood.


A pleasant aroma does all this and more. Indeed, the perfect ambient scent in your home can transform any space into a relaxing getaway, luxurious resort or freshen up and make any room feel clean and crisp.


Aroma360 understands how powerful a scent can be and the countless benefits it has to offer. One of these perks includes turning your home into a relaxing haven filled with the luxurious scent of beautiful hotels. Aroma360 curates scents that are either designed for or inspired by some of the worlds most known hotels and resorts, allowing you to create a hotel-like ambiance at home. With over 90+ options, Aroma360 offers a unique scent for every atmosphere. 

Aroma360’s Best Smelling Candles:luxury candle

My Way Candle 

Inspired by the 1 Hotel®, My Way incorporates a distinctive blend of delicate iris fragrance mingled with elegant Tuscan leather as both trail behind the warm scent of sandalwood and cedar.

Dream On Candle

Come home to an elegant fusion of white tea, aloe vera, cedarwood, and vanilla — a revitalizing aroma inspired by Westin® Hotels signature scent. The fragrance creates a serene ambiance that calms your soul and revitalizes your senses.

Black Velvet Candle

Replicate the mysterious, yet seductive ambiance of Edition® Hotels in your home with Black Velvet. The complex scent of bergamot is balanced by a subtle rose fragrance combined with woody undertones of cedar and blonde. Zesty lemon and faint musk add an invigorating touch to this intimate scent.

November Rain Candle

An uplifting citrusy scent of orange and grapefruit greets you as you light this candle. Inspired by Marriott® Hotel’s signature fragrance, November Rain is also infused with notes of tart red currant, sweet jasmine, delicate rose, and woody cedar.

Skyfall Candle

This refreshing scent transports you to the beaches of the Bahamas. A waft of orange blossom and green melon is quickly followed by subtle scents of jasmine and soothing fresh ocean breeze. Vanilla, musk, and cedar trail behind and give your home a resort feel.

Mystify Candle

Enjoy the wonderful feeling of summer all year round with Mystify. Notes of lemon and green melon usher the heart of the fragrance — a delicate floral bouquet of lily and jasmine. A tinge of raspberry and mossy musk complete the full-bodied aroma.

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Healthy Scenting Solutions by Aroma360

These candles are among the best home scents offered by Aroma360. Each candle is formulated based on the principles of Aromachology, which takes into consideration how each scent affects emotions and behavior.


With these scents, Aroma360 strives to help improve your business, home environment, and ultimately, your overall well-being. 


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