Aroma360® x Brunello Cucinelli ~ Crafting the scent of cashmere

Aroma360® x Brunello Cucinelli ~ Crafting the scent of cashmere

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Ciao bella!

Aroma360® has partnered with fashion mogul, Brunello Cucinelli, to develop a signature scent that will enhance the upscale brand’s customer experience in brick-and-mortar stores.

The business of fashion

Known as the “King of Cashmere”, Brunello Cucinelli is world-renown for his global lifestyle empire, built on the principles of authentic and effortless luxury. Founded in 1978 with the production of colored cashmere knitwear for both men and women, the fashion house has an unmatched reputation as one of the most lucrative and sustainable brands in the world, with presence in North America, China and Europe.

The Art of Scenting

Research shows that customers will spend 40 percent longer in a delicately scented retail space over a fragrance-free environment. Brunello Cucinelli customers have refined tastes, so we wanted to create a fragrance that was aligned with the design elements of his fashion empire.

“Crafting a fragrance exclusive to such an iconic brand like Brunello Cucinelli came down to capturing the brand’s ethos: elegance and simplicity,” says Farah Abassi, Aroma360’s Founder and Chief Aromachologist.

The cashmere sweater of scent

Much like a cashmere sweater, the signature fragrance leads with the essence of white tea, exuding freshness, elegance and timelessness. Bold and bright notes of crisp lime and floral hints of jasmine and rose energize the scent. The scent is finished off with touches of cedar and sandalwood, which flawlessly capture the warmth and luxury evoked by the brand.

While an increasing number of retailers are turning to scent marketing as a tool to positively impact buying patterns, the benefits of scenting can also be enjoyed at home. Shop our collection of scents for home, office or workspace HERE.

Brunello Cucinelli Scent