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5 DIY Ways to Make Your Home Smell Like Christmas

November 30 2016

Aroma360 seasonal scents

1. DIY Scent Sachets

  • This year, put your tree trimmings to good use! Take a small piece of fabric and stuff it with your tree trimmings. Place the sachets in a drawer or closet and bring on the Christmas cheer!

2. Stove Top Scents

  • Slowly simmer water, pine needles, sliced orange, cranberries and cinnamon sticks in an enamel bowl and turn your home into a winter wonderland!

3. Diffuse the scent of JOY in your Monet360 diffuser.

  • JOY is a cranberry orange aroma oil that is perfect for the holidays. Using it with your Monet360 diffuser will scent up to 1,200 square feet.

4. Mull Some Wine

  • Mulled wine brings holiday cheer to friends and family, with the additional benefit of bringing the bright smell of Christmas to your house. Whether you use a quick-boil method or a slow Crock-Pot simmer, pick your favorite recipe and infuse the entire day with happy spirits and homey scents.

5. Scent Your Entire Home with the VanGogh360

  • The VanGogh360 scents up to 2,500 square feet and can work as a stand-alone diffuser or can connect to the central A/C system. Apple Cinnamon or Pine will make your home feel extra festive this holiday season.

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