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Case Study - Flower Power

August 07 2015

A study conducted by Haviland-Jones examined how floral scents can influence people's behaviors.

Researchers scented one room with a soft floral scent, another with the classic Johnson & Johnson baby powder scent and left the third room unscented. They then asked 59 college students to take part in a two part test.

For the first part of the test, students were asked to write about three life events, one distant, one recent and one possible future event. The essays were coded for the positive and negative words used. 

The second part of the test students entered another room containing a mime and were asked to direct him to act out an emotion from their childhood memory.

Participants that were in the floral room used about three times as many "happiness" related words in their writings and were more likely to approach and touch the mime while instructing him. Just 15% of the participants in the fresh air room moved toward or touched the mime, while most of the floral participants (74%) did so.

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