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Airport Scenting - Heathrow

May 02 2016

London's Heathrow Airport lets you get in the traveling mood by smelling the scents they deem associated with certain International Destinations.

Heathrow's recently completed International Terminal Two began offering a new experience to its travelers.  A globe that dispenses scent from five different countries. 

The thought process behind this concept is that the scent selection will get travelers in to vacation mode, all the while giving them a whisper of the international smells that they can encounter on their foreign destinations.  The airport believed that scent would be a great way to enhance the experience of travel from the very beginning of a trip.

The Airport chose five countries that are popular with travelers (and ones that are only accessible in the UK via Heathrow) - Thailand, South Africa, Japan, China and Brazil.  Below, examples of the scents chosen to exemplify the countries:

Thailand:  A mixture of Lemongrass, Ginger and Coconut

South Africa:  Adventure of Safari, a mix of what one might find if on a safari

Japan:  Cool oceanic tones, mixed with seaweed and crushed seashells

China:  The mystical scent of incense at a temple

Brazil:  Rainforest mixed with coffee and tobacco

Just another way scent is recognized as tying to memory.  For further information on scents and scenting, please visit aroma360 at:


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