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June 19 2015

Revitalizing water with slices of fruit and fluffy white robes are the expected amenities spa visitors delight in. But there is another ambient, background detail that hits a more unconscious level at play – the calming scents that often flow through spa treatment rooms and hallways. The underlying notes of citrus and lavender that play into the whole experience of relaxation and wellness that Spas are conveying to their guests, allow newcomers and seasoned clients to have the full 360 degree appreciation of their chosen treatments.

The use of aroma, specifically essential oils have been a part of the spa and wellness practice for years. Borrowing from the ancient cultures of Egypt, China and India, where plant based oils and herbs were used ritualistically for cosmetic, medicinal and religious purposes. The Spa Industry gleamed on to this practice early on, recognizing the benefits of scenting as a crucial element of physical and mental well-being. This in turn helped to springboard the use of aromatherapy into a mainstream practice.

Since aromatherapy is proven to play a significant role in the treatment of pain, mood, sleep disorders and improvement of cognitive function, it is no wonder the Spa Industry is a perfect fit for essential oils and the power that these natural scents wield. The use of 100% pure natural essential oils is a holistic, natural way to treat many ailments, and spas and wellness centers, the perfect vehicle to deliver these benefits.

Customized aroma and scenting will only get more advanced as technology keeps improving and innovating. Using a Cold Air Diffusion method to evenly, safely and consistently disperse scent is the number one way to effectively achieve the many benefits associated with essential oils. Scenting is an effortless way to enhance a client’s overall experience and help to maintain the fiscal health of your business.

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December 19, 2015

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