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Scentscaping Department Stores

March 07 2016

Department stores have long dispersed different scents in different areas of the store to capitalize on sales. 

For example, a scent of coconut (to invoke the smell of suntan lotion) is frequently used in the resort/swimwear section of major department stores to get the customer more ready for their pool/beach/ or vacation getaway.

Scentscaping is not a One-Size-Fits-All business.  Different scents conjure different reactions between the sexes. Men have been shown to respond to spicier scents whereas women tend to like floral.

Additionally, the scent of vanilla is used in many baby departments in stores. Vanilla is the most universally recognized scent and invokes a maternal instinct when inhaled.

Next time you're indulging in some retail therapy pay attention to subtle scents that may be permeating through the air!

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