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Scents for the Home

June 26 2015

The power of scent. As we know, essential oils have both anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties. But did you know that natural essential oils contain properties that have a healing effect emotionally, physically and mentally as well? For these reasons alone, I find it so beneficial and necessary to scent a place that most of us spend the majority of our time in. Our homes.

Our homes should be our havens. They should be the place that makes us calm, allows us to recharge ourselves, re-energize and find balance. It is also the place where we should be able to take exceptional care of ourselves. What we breathe in on the regular plays a huge part in our ability to stay healthy. Think about it; what we breathe literally goes into us through our pores, our skin, our noses – straight to our bodies; good or bad.

So here's the no brainer; since the majority of our time is spent in our homes, shouldn’t they smell amazing when we are there?

Home scenting is a very individual practice. What smells amazing to me in fact may not to you. Scenting in the home is really about creating and conveying the environment you want. The one that comforts and welcomes you. In my home I scent different areas to convey different moods. My bedroom and the sleeping spaces in my home are scented very differently than the kitchen and living spaces. For my bedroom, I prefer a calming scent that promotes good restful sleep. In my cold air diffuser I use a custom blend that is composed mainly of sandalwood but incorporates lavender, geranium, ylang ylang and rose.

For the living space of my home I prefer a crisp, vibrant fresh scent that envelops the space in a positive way. I love the way a citrus blend works in these areas. Citrus scents and blends are known to help energize a space all the while sanitizing the air, and having the overall effect of making the rooms feel clean and natural.

Some examples of scents that work well in homes and their beneficial uses are:

* Lavender. Deeply relaxing scent that works to calm a person. Lavender also has been known to invoke trust.

* Vanilla. The most universally recognized scent. For men, vanilla has been shown through numerous studies to arouse sexual attraction and raise their levels of testosterone.

* Peppermint. Purifies the air as well as stimulates the mind. Try Wake Me Up

* Lemon. Antioxidant properties. Lemon is a detoxifier in spaces and is great in the kitchen and dining areas of a home to eliminate strong food odors.

* Eucalyptus. Great to keep you healthy during cold and flu season. Works as a natural decongestant against colds and allergies. Try Wake Me Up

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Ramon Duarte
February 15, 2021

I need to buy scents on line

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