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Aroma 360 - Scenting Events!

April 30 2015

Scent Marketing experts are now using subtle and specially crafted scents to enhance special events and create a positive experience for participants. In combination with other elements such as color, sound, taste and touch, the right scent at the right time can make an indelible impression on how we react to a particular product or event. Aroma 360 works closely with event planners to create the ultimate experience. Just imagine the sweet smell of cotton candy at a child's birthday party that is decorated with pink balloons, or the scent of a fresh ocean breeze at a tropical wedding over looking over the water, or the scent of elegant gardenia at a black tie gala decorated with delicate crystal and flowers.  Event scenting does not involve filling a space with a heavy or overwhelming smell. Properly done, scenting an environment combines the art of fragrance selection with the appropriate dispersal method. And science, along with practical experience, confirms that environment scenting works.

Event scenting is now used to enhance events such as movie premieres, concerts, conventions, product roll-outs, store openings, parties and weddings.

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