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Scenting in Fitness Centers

April 23 2015

Fitness and Wellness centers are continually searching for outlets to using aromatherapy in their approach to an overall balance of both mental and physical health and well-being.  The Spa Industry (which I think makes sense to also mention in this blog post) grabbed on early to the aromatherapy trend and helped with its acceptance making it a more mainstream practice.  As research is continually proving, aromatherapy (specifically natural essential oils) plays a significant role in the treatment of depression, pain and other mental and physical illnesses. 


Today’s gyms have trended over the last few years from mere places to get fit to become lifestyle choices, complete with restaurants, juice bars, salons and spas.  They have become a one stop shop to nurture confidence, happiness and well-being.  Therefore it is no surprise that scenting these establishments would create an edge in an already competitive industry and Aroma 360 is helping them do so. 


Many of Aroma 360's clients are Fitness and Wellness Centers that aim to create different moods for different areas of a facility through the art of scenting. Taking this step is just another example to further the evidence of the evolution of gyms from a place where one traditionally went to lose weight, reduce stress, gain muscle or sleep better.  Today they have become retreats for their customers.  Places where many hours are spent, on many different activities. 


Invigorating scents such as peppermint or spearmint are beginning to fill the areas where cardio and strength training are practiced, while calming scents such as lavender or sage are found in the cool down sections of many gyms.  Using essential oils in this industry works to both stimulate neurological responses within the body and to achieve desired training responses.  Additionally, gyms are perfect places for pure essential oils, as many oils possess anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties to help stop the spread of illnesses.  Both peppermint and ginger are frequently used oils that have been proven to have a positive effect on the respiratory system. 


Scenting a gym or fitness center can enhance a customer’s overall experience and help in the retention of that customer.  Scenting has become an essential marketing tactic for today’s Fitness & Wellness centers and Aroma360 gives them the tools to create the desired atmosphere.

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